Conference Agenda

All presentations are taking place at 2 pm in the conference room of the RMI.
Ringlaan, 3 - 1180 Brussels (Tel. : 0032 (0)2/373.05.08).

A filter concept for reducing random variation in time series: Procedures, limits, applications

Dr. Simo SPASSOV - RMI@Dourbes

Statistical post-processing of the ECMWF ensemble forecasts of the RMIB

Dr. Jonathan DEMAEYER

How to make a bunch of spaghetti and use it for archeomagnetic dating

Dr. Simo SPASSOV - RMI@Dourbes

Climate change communication

Dr. Rozemien DE TROCH

Modelling airborne birch and grass pollen levels in Belgium @RMI

Dr. ir. Willem VERSTRAETEN

New insights in measuring ozone with ozonesondes from the Jülich Ozone Sonde Intercomparison Experiments

Dr. Deniz POYRAZ

Climate change communication - POSTPONED

Dr. Rozemien DE TROCH

Atmospheric transport modelling and Bayesian inference to determine the source parameters of an atmospheric radioactive release - POSTPONED

Dr. Pieter De Meutter

"Fabification" of RMIB - POSTPONED

Dr. Nicolas De Coster

Climate Services at KNMI

Dr. Janette BESSEMBINDER - Department of Climate Services, KNMI

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