About the RMI

The climatological observation network

The climatological network contains of about 200 stations spread over the whole country. It consists of voluntary observers recruited by the RMI, professional observers of Skeyes (civil aviation) or the Air Force (military aviation) and civil servants of the state, communities or private companies. Most observers are passionate enthusiasts of meteorology who record their observations dutiful.

The observers measure the amount of rain, fallen in the last 24 hours in the pluviometer of the RMI, every morning at 8 o‘clock. In more than half of the stations the extreme air temperatures are also recorded by reading the maximum and minimum temperature in a standardized weather shelter. These measurements are completed during the day, dependent on the availability, by observations of the night-minimum on the lawn, the distribution of the rain during the day, fog formation or the passage of a thunderstorm.

The observers send their observations, dependent on the station, daily or monthly to the RMI. The information is stored in a database of the RMI and the quality will be checked. The Service for Climatological Information uses the evaluated data for answering the questions from the public, companies and the public authorities.

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