About the RMI

Scientific Service

RMI in Dourbes

Reliable innovative measurements and research in Geomagnetism, Ionosphere and related fields for scientific, industrial and public communities.

The Scientific Service works with distent domaines from meteorology or climatology but that are related to them. The majority of the observations are made in the Geophysics Center in Dourbes (Province of Namur), which's management is assured by the Scientific Service. The site has been chosen in order to avoid a maximum of all kinds of pollutions.

This Scientific Service consists of the following services:

Observations in Dourbes

Environmental Magnetism

Laboratory for Instrumentation

Ionosphere and Space Weather


Dr. Simo Spassov (FR-DU-GE), Head of the Scientific Service
Tel.: 0032 (0)60 39 54 98
E-mail: Simo.Spassov[at]meteo.be

Magda Francotte (FR), secretariat
Tel.: 0032 (0)60 39 54 11
E-mail: magda.francotte[at]meteo.be

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