About the RMI

Scientific Service

Information processing and IT support

Expansion of an evolving, up-to-date and reliable IT and telecommunication infrastructure that, with appropriate support to the users, enables to carry out optimal operational and scientific, creates an environment that allows standardized processing and exchange of information and data and developing new methods and stimulating their applications.

The scientific service, information processing and IT support consists of the following services:

Informatics, Infrastructure and Telecommunication

The main activities are:

  • The permanent monitoring of the evolution of IT and telecommunications technology
  • The efficient management of the infrastructure and support of the users
  • In time planning and the development of an infrastructure that must optimally meet the needs of the users in terms of computing capacity, storage capacity and archiving
  • Expansion of a telecommunication network that guarantee a smooth, fast and efficient exchange of information, both internal and external

System Administrators

The main activates are:

  • Ensuring a reliable and secure environment
  • The installation and management of specific application software taking into account international accepted standards
  • Scientific and technological research relating to the relevant expertise of the management support services

Products and Database

The main activities are:

  • National and international collaboration in the domain of data exchange
  • Data archiving via a relational data bank
  • Development and application of techniques for exploitation of the archived data in the database
  • The development of applications for internal and external users including graphical and visualization applications
  • Guiding and supporting the users
  • Scientific and technological research related to the relevant expertise of the management support services
  • Quality control of data and products for which the management support services are responsible


Dr. Daniel Gellens (FR), Head of Scientific Service
Tel: 0032 (0)2/373 05 01
Email: Daniel.Gellens[at]meteo.be

Emmanuel Strobbe (FR), Head of “Informatica, Infrastructuur en Telecommunicatie " and "System Administrators"
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/373 04 77
Email: Emmanuel.Strobbe[at]meteo.be

Stéphane Dekeyzer (FR), Head of “Products and Database”
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/373 05 85
Email: Stephane.Dekeyzer[at]meteo.be

Nancy Ackerman (NL), Secretariat
Tel.: 0032 (0)2/373 67 42
Email: Nancy.Ackerman[at]meteo.be


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