About the RMI

Scientific Service

Meteorological and climatological research


The Department of Meteorological and Climatological Research consists of three sections:

  • Hydrometeorological Modeling,
  • Dynamic Meteorology and Climatology,
  • Risk Analysis and Sustainability.

The department includes 6 statutory researchers, 7 contract researchers and 2 administrative staff, to which should be added 2 PhD students and many trainees visiting the Institute for different periods.

The Operational Directorate is primarily responsible for activities of the RMI in basic research related to such as the variability and instability of the atmosphere and the climate, the prediction of extreme phenomena or parameterization of small scale process. In addition, the department plays a mediating role between, on the one hand, new scientific developments in atmospheric climate and hydrology research, and on the other hand, the operational activities carried out in the other departments, such as the numerical weather forecast, data analysis and sustainable development.

Research topics and activities

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